Being a First Year Rep, as told by a First Year Rep!

It’s that time of the year, where school starts, there is 1000 things going on and you’re excited to get involved but don’t know how or what that means! So, like always, we’re here to help!

As you may have noticed, every club on campus is now (or will be soon) recruiting for their First Year Rep. Positions. But what does this mean? Obviously its exciting to get involved, but there is often a lot of uncertainty about what the experience will be like. In order to get a better understanding of this, we sat down with TECDE’s 2018 First Year Rep, Daniel Folz, to get a better understanding of what the position is, how to succeed and what you will take away from the whole experience.


First, let’s get to know Daniel…

Q: What is your name, year and program of study?

A: Daniel Folz, I was in first year in BCom with option in International Business.

Q: How did you first hear about TECDE?

A: I first heard of TECDE through two executive members which I met at the 101 week formal night networking event.

Q: What Encouraged you to get involved?

A: -Meeting people with a similar interest for the entrepreneurship/business world

-The possibility of making business connections through events and TECDE activities

-Set the bar higher for myself by participating more actively in the “Telfer Life”


Seems like a cool guy. Let’s learn more about about the application process…

Q: What do you think made you stand out from other applicants in the application and interview process?

A: During this process I always tried to be as honest as possible. What I believe made me stand out was my initiative by making the first move and speaking with the President and VP Marketing at the 101 week event, following up and showing my interest, getting to the interview early and dressed appropriately.

During the interview itself, I demonstrated that I had a good track record and had been involved with entrepreneurship-related activities in the past. I also think getting along well with the President and other Exec. Member made the interview more relaxed and pleasant. I enjoyed the process.


Okay, tell me more about being on this club…

Q: What was your favourite part about being on TECDE?

A: My favourite part about being on TECDE was meeting everyone on the team and making connections thanks to it’s networking events. Being able to say I was co-first year rep I found immediately gave me credibility in conversations with new people, and in fact it is through a TECDE office tour that I was able to land a job at Klipfolio during the summer.


Q: What was the greatest challenge you faced while on the team?

A: One of the tasks the Co-First Year Rep and I were given was to reach out to sponsors in order to get gifts to auction off during the end of year gala. This was certainly a challenge since it was the first time either of us would have to ask businesses for favours, but in the end we were able to convince a handful.

Q: Tell us about a notable memory with the club.

A: I have a bunch of great memories from being with TECDE. One notable memory was from our second exec retreat, at the cottage with everyone in the hot tub having a good time.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add? Words of encouragement to people who are unsure whether or not they should apply? Tips? Etc.

A: Overall I had a great experience with TECDE. In particular I had an awesome relationship with the President, Sponsorship Director and our Faculty Advisor. In terms of words of encouragement to people unsure if they should apply, I think the deciding factor should be if you’re at least 95% sure you want to do it. If you have a passion for business and entrepreneurship, it’s absolutely worth it and it will kickstart you into the world of business relationships. On top of that of course, as long as you know you want to do it, you’ll have a great time.


So there you have it. Everything you need to know about being a First Year Rep., as told by a First Year Rep.

Don’t miss out on your chance to apply… applications close Friday, September 20th! Apply HERE today!

How to Get Involved at Telfer

Does having fun and meeting cool people sound like a good time to you? (Of course it does!) Well the best way to do that is to get involved at Telfer!

During the next few weeks, a lot of information about Telfer will be thrown at you. While it’s overwhelming to keep track of everything that the school offers, it’s definitely worth figuring out how you want to get involved.


Here’s 4 ways you and your friends can join in the Telfer fun:

  1. Join a Telfer club

Telfer has a club for every BComm specialization. These clubs host exciting events and workshops where you can meet interesting business leaders and students. Joining a club’s executive team is a great opportunity to make friends, network with professionals, and gain valuable project management experience. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying at Telfer- if you’re in Accounting, you can still join the Marketing club. Every club will be hiring First Year Representatives, so stay tuned for applications! 

Learn more about all the Telfer clubs HERE!

Cool kids.gif

2.  Attend events

Even if you’re not on a club’s executive team, go to their events! Every club hosts a handful of events throughout the year. Some events are formal and fancy, and some casual and relaxed. Not only will you get to have meaningful conversations, network, and learn, but there’s also usually some good munchies at Telfer events too.


3. Case competitions

Business school is not all fun and games, but sometimes it is. Several clubs host business case competitions where students work in teams to solve business problems and present them to judges for a prize. Lookout for the Telfer Internal Case Competition, where lots of first years get their case competition debut! There’s also opportunities for first years to compete in the DECA club and RCGT case competition. Warning: Once you start competing, you might not be able to stop!


4. Telfer Sports  

Just because we’re in business school doesn’t mean that we don’t have game. Telfer has sports teams for competitions such as Jeux du Commerce (JDC), JDC Central, and Happening Marketing (HM), so lookout for when tryouts are!

Our advice: Find a couple of extra-curriculars you love, but don’t spread yourself too thin…This is all about having fun!

JLo (1).gif

— Fiona from WMN

Telfer 101 Week: Everything you need to know.

Picture this: the Lac-Leamy Casino, concerts, a boat rave, a formal night, a bar crawl, Calypso Waterpark and so much more, all packed into a single week!



101 Week is the opportunity to start off your university experience the best way possible, with the TELFER EXPERIENCE! Partying aside, we introduce you to the countless extra-curricular clubs and activities Telfer has to offer, and get you acquainted with our business building, Desmarais (or DMS for short).

Organized by your faculty’s very own student council, CéTSC, this week is made by students, for students! Telfer 101-Week, often referred to as Frosh Week, will help you meet your peers and make memories that will last you a lifetime. You'll also get acquainted with the university, the faculty, and the many resources that can support you throughout your undergraduate journey.


We know, its pretty awesome. But, you’re still a bit confused… we get it.

Here are a few things you need to know that will help make this week even more enjoyable:

  1. Before 101 week begins make sure you join the facebook group so you can stay up to date with any changes to events, meeting spots, times, etc.

    • It’s inevitable that you are going to have absolutely no idea what is going on for most of your first year of university… it’s just a thing. But what will help you understand a little bit more is being aware of ongoing conversations on social media! Join facebook groups, follow student clubs (such as TECDE) and keep yourself updated on what is going on!

  2. Arrive Early!

    • It is never a bad idea to arrive 30 minutes early to the events. There are over 600 Telfer Students alone participating in 101 week! Some of the events have a max capacity on the number of 101er’s allowed to attend. If your preferred event reaches capacity before you reach the front of the line you will have to choose one of the alternative events instead.


3. Do NOT bring a bag.

  • Just don’t do it. At every event you will need to wait in line to have your bag searched, sometimes 3 or 4 times a night. Of course sometimes there are circumstances where bags are necessary, but if you can avoid it, it is highly recommended! You do not want to put yourself in any extra lines… trust us.


So there you have it, 3 easy tips to help you survive 101 week (also drink lots of water and sleep whenever possible)!!

Still have questions? Get in touch with the CéTSC with any concerns you may have regarding the week or message the TECDE team with general questions and how to get involved!

— CéTSC & The TECDE Team


Still haven’t bought your 101 week kit? Purchase it here, before they sell out!

Remember, you only get one 101 week. Don’t miss out on the unforgettable experiences and opportunities that it has to offer.

The Ultimate Residence Checklist

As exciting as coming to university can be, not knowing what to pack can be very stressful and thats why we’re here to help! Let us take some stress off by giving you ideas on what was useful in our first year!


Need help starting your list?


To get started, check out this basic list that the university puts together. This is a great place to start and will give you a solid foundation when preparing to pack!

Now, lets get started!


University packing list: Our 5 Essential Non-Essentials

1.       Shower Caddy & Shower Shoes

  • Communal floor bathrooms are not all fun and games so come prepared! Shower caddy’s are super useful to carry everything you need. Shower shoes are highly recommended—that is all.

2.       Medicine Kit

  • When living in a shared space, you can get sick very easily. Making yourself a little Get Better Soon kit with things like Advil, Nyquil and cough drops will make getting sick not as bad!

3.       Door Stop

  • People aren’t kidding when they say everyone is super eager to make friends in first year! This tip will make meeting new people so easy. That person that stops by to say “Hi” could be your new best friend!  

4.       Shoe mat

  • This may seem like a very basic item but can be greatly overlooked! Having a place to put your shoes after coming from outside—especially in the winter months—will help to keep your floors clean and make your life a lot easier!

5.     Decorations

  • Your room will be your new home for the next 8 months. Bringing decor that you like, as simple as personal photos, will make the space more your own!!

Happy packing!!

— The TECDE Team

Top 5 Tips for First Year Students

First year can be a lot.


There’s so much happening, many things are changing and it can all be extremely overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help ease this transition and welcome you to Telfer and uOttawa with open arms!

So, here are our top 5 tips for every first year student…

  1. Don’t wait to get involved – seize opportunities that interest you!

    • applying for clubs can be the single best way to get involved with your school and help bring your University experience to a whole new level.

    • not only do you get to meet great people who a lot of the time become some of your closest friends, but you also get some real experience putting things you learn in the classroom into practice!

      • learn about: working on a team, how to manage people, balancing a budget, how to create content, improve event planning skills, enhance your time management skills and the list goes on…

    • being on a student club will 100% make your University experience so much better, so just do it!

  2. Put yourself out there!

    • First year is the time to meet your future roommates and friends so have fun and put yourself out there! Remain open minded when meeting new people and when experiencing new things, you’ll be surprised who you will meet and what you might learn.

  3. Try your best!

    • The shift from high school to university is HUGE and can be extremely overwhelming and take a lot of time before you feel like you have fully adjusted. The best, and only thing to do in this situation is just try your best and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

    • Although having good grades in first year helps give you a solid foundation to build your CGPA on, getting a few bad grades is NOT the end of the world, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  4. Actively work to improve your time management skills!

    • Time management is arguably the most important skill for any and all university students. It’s important to figure out how to schedule yourself in order to set yourself up for success.

    • With this in mind, make sure to take care of yourself and always TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS!!

  5. Immerse yourself in the city!

    • Ottawa is an amazing place to live and there is always something going on, take time to give the city a chance; explore and discover all that it has to offer!

    • Check out cafes, bars, restaurants, museums, malls, gardens, and anything else that is cool.

    • Find things to do aside from studying… seriously.

We hope this helps you as you prepare to begin this chapter of your life and we can’t wait to meet you!

— The TECDE Team

Get a taste of Business Dinner with 5 testimonials from past attendees


The holiday season is over, Valentine’s Day is still a month away, and reading week seems like it won’t come soon enough. But the 28th Annual ‘Toast to Success’ Business Dinner, sponsored by Freedom 55 Financial is here in only 10 days!

The Entrepreneurs’ Club is excited to invite YOU to join US at the largest professional networking event hosted by a student-run organization at the Telfer School of Management! Just like your morning cup of coffee, there’s key ingredients that go into planning an event like this - a great venue (shoutout to Fairmont Château Laurier), delicious food, a little bubbly, good company, and a BOMB AF keynote speaker. The team is excited to have Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent Compliance, the fastest growing Supply Chain Transparency Company in the world, as our keynote speaker.

In case we haven’t enticed you enough, we caught up with a few past attendees of Business Dinner to ask them why networking is so important and hear what makes them have heart eyes for this amazing event!

ARYAN HABIB - Bachelor of Commerce, Finance

Networking is a great way to meet new people, develop new interests, build confidence and master your business social skills. Networking is a part of business, interacting with clients, vendors, employers, colleagues, etc happen daily. Mastering networking in university is a huge advantage for entering the working world and building a personal brand.

Business dinner was my favourite event of the year at Telfer! The event blends together networking, fine dining, a social evening with your friends, and inspiring stories from entrepreneurs to leave you feeling empowered to reach your goals.

DASHA SHAKOV - Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing

Networking is an essential skill to have in the business world. By the 6 degrees of separation, we’re only 6 steps away from meeting whoever we want (yes, even Oprah!) Making connections by attending networking events can be extremely beneficial both in our personal and career development.

I enjoyed Business Dinner because it felt like I was part of something important and meaningful - a group of go-getters coming together to learn and engage! For me, BD was one of the highlights during my fourth year at Telfer.

ANDREW BURKE - Bachelor of Arts, History

Networking is important because it builds connections for employment, but more importantly it is a great exercise in learning to build a professional rapport and getting a sense of how to interact with professional colleagues.

I very much enjoyed the key note speaker who had some interesting insights into human management.

DIANA KOLESAROVA - Bachelor of Commerce, Management

Networking is important to create new relationships and check in with those you might already have. This sense of empathetic relationship building is critical in the business world because you never know where or how a certain professional relationship may lead/guide you in your own development.

Business Dinner is special because it is in a way one of a kind at Telfer. No other club hosts such an event. The speakers, the atmosphere and the added features to the event always make it something to look forward to every year.

ELINA SOLOD - Bachelor of Social Science, Criminology

Networking is important in expanding your relationships, building connections, and learning about others in order to grow in your personal and professional life. Regardless of the program that you’re studying in, networking is an integral part of developing your social skills, presentations skills, and personal brand.

Even being outside of Telfer, I enjoyed that the speaker was able to make a personal connection with everyone in the room. I also loved the '“gala" aspect of the event, something that we don’t often have in the social science department.

Stay tuned for updates on the 29th Annual Business Dinner