Get a taste of Business Dinner with 5 testimonials from past attendees


The holiday season is over, Valentine’s Day is still a month away, and reading week seems like it won’t come soon enough. But the 28th Annual ‘Toast to Success’ Business Dinner, sponsored by Freedom 55 Financial is here in only 10 days!

The Entrepreneurs’ Club is excited to invite YOU to join US at the largest professional networking event hosted by a student-run organization at the Telfer School of Management! Just like your morning cup of coffee, there’s key ingredients that go into planning an event like this - a great venue (shoutout to Fairmont Château Laurier), delicious food, a little bubbly, good company, and a BOMB AF keynote speaker. The team is excited to have Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent Compliance, the fastest growing Supply Chain Transparency Company in the world, as our keynote speaker.

In case we haven’t enticed you enough, we caught up with a few past attendees of Business Dinner to ask them why networking is so important and hear what makes them have heart eyes for this amazing event!

ARYAN HABIB - Bachelor of Commerce, Finance

Networking is a great way to meet new people, develop new interests, build confidence and master your business social skills. Networking is a part of business, interacting with clients, vendors, employers, colleagues, etc happen daily. Mastering networking in university is a huge advantage for entering the working world and building a personal brand.

Business dinner was my favourite event of the year at Telfer! The event blends together networking, fine dining, a social evening with your friends, and inspiring stories from entrepreneurs to leave you feeling empowered to reach your goals.

DASHA SHAKOV - Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing

Networking is an essential skill to have in the business world. By the 6 degrees of separation, we’re only 6 steps away from meeting whoever we want (yes, even Oprah!) Making connections by attending networking events can be extremely beneficial both in our personal and career development.

I enjoyed Business Dinner because it felt like I was part of something important and meaningful - a group of go-getters coming together to learn and engage! For me, BD was one of the highlights during my fourth year at Telfer.

ANDREW BURKE - Bachelor of Arts, History

Networking is important because it builds connections for employment, but more importantly it is a great exercise in learning to build a professional rapport and getting a sense of how to interact with professional colleagues.

I very much enjoyed the key note speaker who had some interesting insights into human management.

DIANA KOLESAROVA - Bachelor of Commerce, Management

Networking is important to create new relationships and check in with those you might already have. This sense of empathetic relationship building is critical in the business world because you never know where or how a certain professional relationship may lead/guide you in your own development.

Business Dinner is special because it is in a way one of a kind at Telfer. No other club hosts such an event. The speakers, the atmosphere and the added features to the event always make it something to look forward to every year.

ELINA SOLOD - Bachelor of Social Science, Criminology

Networking is important in expanding your relationships, building connections, and learning about others in order to grow in your personal and professional life. Regardless of the program that you’re studying in, networking is an integral part of developing your social skills, presentations skills, and personal brand.

Even being outside of Telfer, I enjoyed that the speaker was able to make a personal connection with everyone in the room. I also loved the '“gala" aspect of the event, something that we don’t often have in the social science department.

Stay tuned for updates on the 29th Annual Business Dinner