The Ultimate Residence Checklist

As exciting as coming to university can be, not knowing what to pack can be very stressful and thats why we’re here to help! Let us take some stress off by giving you ideas on what was useful in our first year!


Need help starting your list?


To get started, check out this basic list that the university puts together. This is a great place to start and will give you a solid foundation when preparing to pack!

Now, lets get started!


University packing list: Our 5 Essential Non-Essentials

1.       Shower Caddy & Shower Shoes

  • Communal floor bathrooms are not all fun and games so come prepared! Shower caddy’s are super useful to carry everything you need. Shower shoes are highly recommended—that is all.

2.       Medicine Kit

  • When living in a shared space, you can get sick very easily. Making yourself a little Get Better Soon kit with things like Advil, Nyquil and cough drops will make getting sick not as bad!

3.       Door Stop

  • People aren’t kidding when they say everyone is super eager to make friends in first year! This tip will make meeting new people so easy. That person that stops by to say “Hi” could be your new best friend!  

4.       Shoe mat

  • This may seem like a very basic item but can be greatly overlooked! Having a place to put your shoes after coming from outside—especially in the winter months—will help to keep your floors clean and make your life a lot easier!

5.     Decorations

  • Your room will be your new home for the next 8 months. Bringing decor that you like, as simple as personal photos, will make the space more your own!!

Happy packing!!

— The TECDE Team