Telfer 101 Week: Everything you need to know.

Picture this: the Lac-Leamy Casino, concerts, a boat rave, a formal night, a bar crawl, Calypso Waterpark and so much more, all packed into a single week!



101 Week is the opportunity to start off your university experience the best way possible, with the TELFER EXPERIENCE! Partying aside, we introduce you to the countless extra-curricular clubs and activities Telfer has to offer, and get you acquainted with our business building, Desmarais (or DMS for short).

Organized by your faculty’s very own student council, CéTSC, this week is made by students, for students! Telfer 101-Week, often referred to as Frosh Week, will help you meet your peers and make memories that will last you a lifetime. You'll also get acquainted with the university, the faculty, and the many resources that can support you throughout your undergraduate journey.


We know, its pretty awesome. But, you’re still a bit confused… we get it.

Here are a few things you need to know that will help make this week even more enjoyable:

  1. Before 101 week begins make sure you join the facebook group so you can stay up to date with any changes to events, meeting spots, times, etc.

    • It’s inevitable that you are going to have absolutely no idea what is going on for most of your first year of university… it’s just a thing. But what will help you understand a little bit more is being aware of ongoing conversations on social media! Join facebook groups, follow student clubs (such as TECDE) and keep yourself updated on what is going on!

  2. Arrive Early!

    • It is never a bad idea to arrive 30 minutes early to the events. There are over 600 Telfer Students alone participating in 101 week! Some of the events have a max capacity on the number of 101er’s allowed to attend. If your preferred event reaches capacity before you reach the front of the line you will have to choose one of the alternative events instead.


3. Do NOT bring a bag.

  • Just don’t do it. At every event you will need to wait in line to have your bag searched, sometimes 3 or 4 times a night. Of course sometimes there are circumstances where bags are necessary, but if you can avoid it, it is highly recommended! You do not want to put yourself in any extra lines… trust us.


So there you have it, 3 easy tips to help you survive 101 week (also drink lots of water and sleep whenever possible)!!

Still have questions? Get in touch with the CéTSC with any concerns you may have regarding the week or message the TECDE team with general questions and how to get involved!

— CéTSC & The TECDE Team


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Remember, you only get one 101 week. Don’t miss out on the unforgettable experiences and opportunities that it has to offer.