How to Get Involved at Telfer

Does having fun and meeting cool people sound like a good time to you? (Of course it does!) Well the best way to do that is to get involved at Telfer!

During the next few weeks, a lot of information about Telfer will be thrown at you. While it’s overwhelming to keep track of everything that the school offers, it’s definitely worth figuring out how you want to get involved.


Here’s 4 ways you and your friends can join in the Telfer fun:

  1. Join a Telfer club

Telfer has a club for every BComm specialization. These clubs host exciting events and workshops where you can meet interesting business leaders and students. Joining a club’s executive team is a great opportunity to make friends, network with professionals, and gain valuable project management experience. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying at Telfer- if you’re in Accounting, you can still join the Marketing club. Every club will be hiring First Year Representatives, so stay tuned for applications! 

Learn more about all the Telfer clubs HERE!

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2.  Attend events

Even if you’re not on a club’s executive team, go to their events! Every club hosts a handful of events throughout the year. Some events are formal and fancy, and some casual and relaxed. Not only will you get to have meaningful conversations, network, and learn, but there’s also usually some good munchies at Telfer events too.


3. Case competitions

Business school is not all fun and games, but sometimes it is. Several clubs host business case competitions where students work in teams to solve business problems and present them to judges for a prize. Lookout for the Telfer Internal Case Competition, where lots of first years get their case competition debut! There’s also opportunities for first years to compete in the DECA club and RCGT case competition. Warning: Once you start competing, you might not be able to stop!


4. Telfer Sports  

Just because we’re in business school doesn’t mean that we don’t have game. Telfer has sports teams for competitions such as Jeux du Commerce (JDC), JDC Central, and Happening Marketing (HM), so lookout for when tryouts are!

Our advice: Find a couple of extra-curriculars you love, but don’t spread yourself too thin…This is all about having fun!

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— Fiona from WMN