Being a First Year Rep, as told by a First Year Rep!

It’s that time of the year, where school starts, there is 1000 things going on and you’re excited to get involved but don’t know how or what that means! So, like always, we’re here to help!

As you may have noticed, every club on campus is now (or will be soon) recruiting for their First Year Rep. Positions. But what does this mean? Obviously its exciting to get involved, but there is often a lot of uncertainty about what the experience will be like. In order to get a better understanding of this, we sat down with TECDE’s 2018 First Year Rep, Daniel Folz, to get a better understanding of what the position is, how to succeed and what you will take away from the whole experience.


First, let’s get to know Daniel…

Q: What is your name, year and program of study?

A: Daniel Folz, I was in first year in BCom with option in International Business.

Q: How did you first hear about TECDE?

A: I first heard of TECDE through two executive members which I met at the 101 week formal night networking event.

Q: What Encouraged you to get involved?

A: -Meeting people with a similar interest for the entrepreneurship/business world

-The possibility of making business connections through events and TECDE activities

-Set the bar higher for myself by participating more actively in the “Telfer Life”


Seems like a cool guy. Let’s learn more about about the application process…

Q: What do you think made you stand out from other applicants in the application and interview process?

A: During this process I always tried to be as honest as possible. What I believe made me stand out was my initiative by making the first move and speaking with the President and VP Marketing at the 101 week event, following up and showing my interest, getting to the interview early and dressed appropriately.

During the interview itself, I demonstrated that I had a good track record and had been involved with entrepreneurship-related activities in the past. I also think getting along well with the President and other Exec. Member made the interview more relaxed and pleasant. I enjoyed the process.


Okay, tell me more about being on this club…

Q: What was your favourite part about being on TECDE?

A: My favourite part about being on TECDE was meeting everyone on the team and making connections thanks to it’s networking events. Being able to say I was co-first year rep I found immediately gave me credibility in conversations with new people, and in fact it is through a TECDE office tour that I was able to land a job at Klipfolio during the summer.


Q: What was the greatest challenge you faced while on the team?

A: One of the tasks the Co-First Year Rep and I were given was to reach out to sponsors in order to get gifts to auction off during the end of year gala. This was certainly a challenge since it was the first time either of us would have to ask businesses for favours, but in the end we were able to convince a handful.

Q: Tell us about a notable memory with the club.

A: I have a bunch of great memories from being with TECDE. One notable memory was from our second exec retreat, at the cottage with everyone in the hot tub having a good time.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add? Words of encouragement to people who are unsure whether or not they should apply? Tips? Etc.

A: Overall I had a great experience with TECDE. In particular I had an awesome relationship with the President, Sponsorship Director and our Faculty Advisor. In terms of words of encouragement to people unsure if they should apply, I think the deciding factor should be if you’re at least 95% sure you want to do it. If you have a passion for business and entrepreneurship, it’s absolutely worth it and it will kickstart you into the world of business relationships. On top of that of course, as long as you know you want to do it, you’ll have a great time.


So there you have it. Everything you need to know about being a First Year Rep., as told by a First Year Rep.

Don’t miss out on your chance to apply… applications close Friday, September 20th! Apply HERE today!