The Kevin Vollett Entrepreneurial Award has been established at the Telfer School of Management in memory of Kevin Vollett by his family and friends. Kevin Vollett had just completed the first year of a B.Comm (Hons) at the University of Ottawa when he died at the age of 19 as a result of an accident in August 1993. His dedication and perseverance for success in the field of business was evident in every aspect of this life. Kevin Vollett held the position of Vice-President of External Affairs in the Entrepreneurs Club.

Every year, one club member is recognized for their work and dedication at the Business Dinner ‘Toast to Success’ and this member receives a scholarship towards their education. We are very fortunate as TECDE is one of the only clubs at Telfer who has an opportunity to give back to its hardworking executives.

The goal: $9,000 for the 28th Business Dinner in 2019 as that day will mark the 26th anniversary of the award.

Why that specific amount?

An alumni of TECDE, specifically the help of Harry Mortimer who was a friend and executive member of the club during Kevin’s passing, gathered friends and other executive members to raise a total of $8,500 but also came forth to TECDE in order to initiate this campaign. This added to the existing fund already present at the University; however, in order to sustain the fund for future years, an additional $9,000 must be added.

Above are the official links that will direct you to make a contribution towards this fundraiser. If you would like to make an impact towards rewarding students who involve themselves with the school to improve the entrepreneurial spirit and success in the field of business, we would be more than thrilled to have your support. Thank you!